Steve Hubbard


Steve Hubbard enjoys an eclectic musical career, spanning nearly 40 years years. He is professionally active as a trumpeter, conductor, choral and instrumental clinician,  university teacher, author, broadcaster, and instrument maker. He is equally at home in the classroom, the recording studio, the machine-shop, and the concert hall. 

          A life-long member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Mr. Hubbard has taught at Adventist elementary schools, academies, and colleges in Texas, Michigan, California, Washington, and Nebraska.  He continues to be in demand as a soloist, clinician and guest-artist, at venues throughout the U.S. and abroad.  

     Mr. Hubbard currently holds three professional positions: Adjunct Instructor of Brass and Trumpet at Southwestern Adventist University,  Adjunct Brass, Trumpet, and Worship Band director at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Principal Trumpet in the Brazos Chamber Orchestra.  

          Mr. Hubbard is an authority on brass ensembles, and British-system brass bands. He was formerly North American brass-band coordinator Boosey & Hawkes Corporation. He continues to have musical travels throughout the world – so far, in 25 countries. Among other places, He has lectured and performed in Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Romania, England, Italy, Norway, Australia, and Jamaica.  

         Mr. Hubbard is recognized internationally as a specialist in the design, manufacture,  and restoration of wind instruments. He has worked as a consultant for several major instrument manufacturers, and is currently testing and demonstrating professional instruments for the Adams Company in Holland.  His own company custom-builds, restores, and repairs brass and woodwind instruments. His customers include museums, professional players, and serious instrument collectors. 

          Mr. Hubbard lectures on such diverse subjects as manufacturing techniques, the physical-mental-spiritual aspects of music performance, worship-band, instrument restoration, conducting techniques, music literature, and music education. His articles have appeared  in major music journals, and he guest-lectures at music conservatories in the U.S. and abroad. 

     His friendly, informative teaching style, expert conducting technique, and trumpet virtuosity,   have wide appeal to musicians of every skill level.  Seasoned professional players, military musicians, and students of every skill-level continue to benefit from Mr. Hubbard's instruction. His years of professional playing and teaching give him a rich background of experience, which allows him to relate well to musicians of all kinds. 

          His overseas work during the past decades have included  multiple lecture-recitals at the Royal Military School of Music in England,  performance at London's Royal Albert Hall, and numerous performance and lecture engagements in Italy, Norway, 

Colombia, and Canada. He has also been involved with television, radio, and audio recordings in Norway, England, Canada, and throughout the United States.  

          When not musically engaged, Mr. Hubbard enjoys several hobbies, including amateur radio, historical research, farming, and travel.    He and his wife live in North Texas, where they have music and art studios, and an instrument manufacturing facility.