Greetings on behalf of the Department of Music at Southwestern Adventist University. Southwestern is dedicated to providing its students with the best in music education and performance. With leading faculty members, regular masterclass & performance opportunities, elite international touring ensembles and a comprehensive scholarship program, the Department of Music is committed to giving its students the tools and experience needed to become a successful professional. Southwestern is a University in which students can come and be challeged, inspired and supported throughout their academic journey. The Music faculty members are fully vested in each student, working dilligently to assist in the longterm development of each musician as they pursue graduate school and employment opportunities. Southwestern will soon be accepting scholarship auditions for the 2020-2021 school year. Please visit the scholarship page for more information. 

Southwestern invites you to visit our campus! Schedule a visit and receive a free music lesson from one of our outstanding faculty members. View our Faculty page to learn more about our teachers. Click here to schedule a lesson!


Southwestern Adventist University Department of Music

We're dedicated to providing you with a top-level music education. With premier instructors, monthly master class and recital opportunities, elite international touring ensembles, and a comprehensive scholarship program, Southwestern is committed to providing you with what you need to succeed as a professional.


Music Festival & A Night at the Meyerson Event

Enjoy the grand finale of  Southwestern's annual Music Festival at one of the world's best performance halls featuring the world premiere of a new composition by French composer Anthony Sylvestro—a night you won't forget!

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